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Recombinant vaccine technology


Vaccines based on recombinant proteins are produced in genetically modified microorganisms such as yeast, worms, which generate large amounts of a single viral or bacterial protein. This protein is purified on a large scale, then used as an immunogen to stimulate the specific immune response by inducing stimulation of antibody production and cell activation that finally serious that protect the animal's natural disease.
Advantages of recombinant vaccine technology is that there is virtually no chance that the host sick by the agent, one of the risks of traditional vaccines derived from attenuated organism, which can revert to its virulent (disease-causing). Another advantage of a recombinant vaccine is that it does not need an adjuvant.
Bioingentech Co. Ltd. is also dedicated to the development of products based on recombinant vaccine technology in Animals. Recombinant vaccines could help producers to improve the control of infectious diseases and are contributing to the sustained growth of animal health.

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