Sending samples


Collect fresh whole blood samples in EDTA tubes (purple top), seal, then immediately invert several times to thoroughly mix the blood with the preservative material in the tube. Collect other liquid samples such as cerebrospinal fluid and lavage in plain tubes or similar leakproof, clean containers. Room temperature shipping is adequate.
Mailed PCR envelopes arrive at Bioiengentech in Chile Mail transit time, usually no more than 3 business days. If you want faster or trackable transit for your samples, you may prefer to send the PCR envelope via your courier (eg ChileExpress).

We can provide dry cards (FTGen) for drying and sending blood, CSF or semen or other biological fluids to us in your own envelope, without refrigeration. Please, contact Bioingentech if you wish to send samples using dry cards.

Place solid fecal samples, fecal/rectal/cloacal swabs, respiratory swabs, fresh tissue, and other nonliquid samples in individual, clean, labeled, sealed containers without transport medium, such as plain tubes or  ziplock bags. Ship at normal room temperature the same day as collected if possible. If samples must be held for more than a few hours before shipping, refrigerate and ship within a few days with cold packs. Most swab samples may be shipped at normal room temperature if less than 4-5 days time is expected from origination at the animal source to the samples arrival at Bioingentech.