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Veterinary PCR Kits

We have been offering PCR diagnostic assays to different microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. All our PCR assays are designed and validated in-house by experienced molecular biologists. Testing for infectious diseases that affect birds, bovine, canine, feline, fish, porcine, equine, ovine and shrimp. We provide fast products and competitive pricing in each of our assay categories. Our objective is to provide to the veterinary, animal care, breeder and research communities the fastest, highest quality molecular infectious disease testing available.


These reagents to be shipped at room temperature. Cheaply via standard shipping methods without the need for dry ice or a cold chain.


They are stable for more than 24 months at correct temperatures.


Our PCR Kits are manufactured to the highest standards.


Simple protocol.


Suitable for all PCR machines.


Bioingentech team is available to clarify questions about its use via Email:

Other specific PCR Kits can be developed on request.

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