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RNAi based therapeutics

Bioingentech Co. Ltd. is devoted to the development of products based on the RNA interference (RNAi) technology. Ribonucleic acid (RNA) interference is a relatively new technique in which small molecules called short interfering RNA (siRNA) can be inserted to turn off a chosen the gene virus that causes disease in host. We also can design candidate RNAi drugs in collaboration with industry partner.

Bioingentech RNAiVet Products:

Based on RNAi technology, VetRNAi’s active ingredients are formulated to silence gene of virus sustaing animal health in the presence of the virus.

Product Properties:
• Potent protection therapeutic
• Inherent robustness precludes the possibility of the resistance to pathogen
• Extreme specificity 
• No toxicity
• No residues in animal
A company focused on development of RNAi products for health animal applications worldwide.

Please, Send an email to if you need more information.

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